The mirror is an excellent decorative item for any room in the house. In addition to decoration, they offer spaciousness and brightness to the places where they are installed. With a wide variety of styles and sizes, there are models for all tastes and budgets.

Having options from the simplest to the most sophisticated models that can be used as joker pieces to bring modernity to spaces, mirrors have the power to enhance the pieces of the room. With so many models and sizes, we separate some tips on how to include mirrors in your home decor. Keep reading and learn more, when choosing a glass wall art

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1 Advantages of the mirror in decoration
2 Decoration with mirrors for each room
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2.3 Bathroom:
2.4 Decoration tips
2.5 Living or dining room
2.6 Entrance hall or hallway
2.7 Bathroom
2.8 Frame your mirrors
3 mirror formats
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3.3 Rectangular:
4 different mirror sizes
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4.2 Mediums:
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Advantages of mirror in decoration
A mirror can both increase the feeling of spaciousness in an environment, and hide what does not need to be shown (a beam or column out of place, for example). Because of this, many people have ventured into the task of decorating environments with mirrors , but they can err on the side of excess and positioning.

As mirrors tend to duplicate everything, they can end up loading up environments with lots of objects. In addition, another purpose of including mirrors in the decoration is that they help to expand the field of view of the environment.

You’ve certainly experienced a meal in a kitchen where you had to look at the wall, while a rectangular mirror would guarantee different perspectives. The most common mistake we see out there are small, lonely models on large, empty walls.

In that case, a composition would be most welcome. The use of mirrors in decoration should bring the feeling of amplitude and divide spaces.

Below, we separate tips for rooms, size and shapes of mirrors . The tip is moderation, as too many mirrors or out of place can bring discomfort.


Small environments are visually larger
Mainly in apartments, corridors tend to be narrower and are not always long. Installing a mirror on the hallway or hallway wall makes the space feel bigger. Not to mention the modernity that the object takes.

Beveled or faceted mirrors
If you want a more modern and minimalist decoration, bevelled or faceted mirrors are perfect for this type of decoration. A good tip is to use this mirror horizontally and place it on top of a piece of furniture (which is the same size as the piece). It’s a great option for the living room or dining room, for example.

Differentiate the frames and add personality
The frames bring more sophistication and personality to any environment. If you have a very large room, for example, using a more classic frame makes the space more cozy and charming.

A special touch for mirrors in the bedroom
Using twinkle lights around the frame of the mirror provides a cozier atmosphere. You can also opt for simpler models for a clean and cozy environment.

Small mirrors can also help with decoration
Using models of mirrors of different sizes and shapes makes the room very different, but without losing its charm.

Decorating with mirrors for every room
3Dining room:
A mirror model that covers one of the walls in its entirety is ideal for extending the space. If you can’t lean the piece of furniture against the mirror, hang the mirror only at the top of the wall, above the height of the piece of furniture.

Why not invest in large pieces to increase the sense of spaciousness? Behind the bed or in the closets, it always works. Just remember not to leave mirrors facing the bed, as this ends up causing discomfort when sleeping.

The bigger the better. The sink countertop needs a mirror, and if you follow the trend, you’ll use the entire wall. This makes the environment modern and larger. If you want to invest in a beautiful frame, the width must be proportional to the wall.


As we mentioned earlier, the use of mirrors helps to give an impression of spaciousness to spaces. However, care must be taken to apply the trick correctly. Check out the possibilities of formats, sizes and placements that we have listed to help you!

1) When choosing where you want to place a mirror, also look at the opposite wall. Try to place all the pieces you want to highlight and draw attention to in the direction of the mirror. The mirror will double the size of the space and make it stand out. That is why it is of great importance that what is in front of you is as charming as the mirror itself;

2) For more charged and colorful environments, prefer frames with more discreet colors and shapes;

3) In clean and sober environments, opt for the most striking tones;

4) Environments with cozy and less modernized air ask for wooden frames;

5) For modern and elegant environments, prefer metal frames;

6) For more versatile solutions, prefer plastic frames;

7) To decorate forgotten corners of the house, such as sideboards, opt for elaborate iron or wooden frames.

decoration tips
Living or dining room
Do you have a wall available to put an entire mirror on? If so, you’ll get a second room in your living room. The tip here is to install it at a 90° angle with the floor on a wall that makes it possible to reflect the entire room.

However, if you don’t have any walls available, that’s okay. You can coat some furniture with mirrors or position it behind your TV or sideboard, how about that? Especially because the use of shelves with a mirror in the background is increasingly common in the world of decoration, and you will be part of this trend.

In addition to applying the environment, these mirrors also serve to balance the weight of the furniture. This gives depth and prominence to the objects you choose for your decoration that will be present there.

Entrance hall or hallway
If your house or apartment has a narrow hallway, take the opportunity to use different mirror formats in different positions, without fear.


A dilemma that many people face today is that the vast majority of apartments are getting smaller. Fortunately, it is possible to expand them with this key element, which, in addition to being versatile, is a beautiful item for any decoration, we are talking about the protagonist of this article: the mirror.

To resolve this issue, just use it on cabinet doors. In addition to being able to enlarge the place, it will bring more joy to the environment, especially if the room is well colored and lit.

It is worth mentioning that it is not legal to position them in front of the bed, as this can cause discomfort for those who sleep there. Therefore, for the couple’s bedroom, for example, opt for the use of the headboard. Remembering that in this environment of the house it is still possible to explore different formats and styles for the mirror.

The trend is for bathrooms to become smaller and more functional. Using the mirror on one side of the bathroom already guarantees the expansion of the space, but it is also possible to apply it at different angles, doubling the footage on more than one side of the room. Even the bathroom door can be clad in a full body.

If the sink is arranged in a “U” shaped area, take the opportunity to apply the mirror to the 3 walls and enlarge it even more. Another tip is to climb the mirror to the ceiling.

frame your mirrors
You know that missing touch in your decor? Wide, thin, modern, rustic, classic or traditional, the options are many.

The important thing is to choose the one that best suits the style of the room where the mirror will be placed. By doubling the size of the space, this object draws a lot of attention to itself. Therefore, it must be a decorative element that converses with the environment in which it is inserted.

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